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Psoriasis Info


I was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of thirteen.The first time I saw a dermatologist, I was hospitalized in order to receive the Goekerman treatment. Both of my parents had psoriasis, so the genetics were in place. I have tried many treatments through the years, but so far, UVB light treatments have been the most successful. 


In 2006, I started a psoriasis support group in Grand Rapids through the National Psoriasis Foundation. Since that time, NPF has added the format of one on one mentoring in addition to their online support group, TalkPsoriasis. Our group continues to communicate through an email list. We welcome anyone who wants to join, but it is not a place to promote sales of products and “miracle cures.” 


In the books I wrote for young adults, Gone Before Spring and No Doubt in My Mind the main character, Ruth Ann, has psoriasis. The books are based heavily on my own story. 


I was inspired to write the book after watching two films about psoriasis made by Fred Finkelstein of Oakland, California:


     My Skin's On Fire


     I'm Just Like You


I cried watching these movies remembering the lack of awareness and understanding in 1968. That is when I decided to write my story.






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