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My first costume, 1958

Teaching Improv at GRIOT Teen Center, Clarksdale MS, April 2014

Teaching Improv
Clarksdale MS, April 2015

Zip-Zap Improv Classes



Program Description:


My program consists of a variety of theater games that are improvisational in style allowing students to explore their creative expression. Games range from Improv Tag to Dr. Know It All. Warm up games such as Prince of Paris, Elephant Rabbit Giraffe and Zip Zap Zup are taught first to help improve the concentration and thinking skills that are needed for the performance games.



Program Goals:


  To help students develop:


  • Creative expression

  • Concentration

  • Thinking skills

  • Self-confidence

  • Sensory awareness

  • Cooperation 

  • Teamwork


Program Objective:


The objective is to introduce students to performance art as a means of communication and a positive outlet for emotions and to develop positive body language and personal responsibility. These classes are one hour in length with a maximum of fifteen students (ten is ideal) and one mature helper. A room with space such as a library or empty classroom is required.




  • Performing Arts Vendor for Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation Department

  • Grand Rapids Public Schools Loop and Loft after school programs

  • Wyoming Public Schools Team 21 after school program

  • Campfire USA

  • YMCA

  • Circle Theatre Summer Camp

  • St. John's Home Grand Rapids

  • Boys and Girls Club of Grand Rapids

  • Helen DeVos Children Hospital

  • National Psoriasis Foundation Conference, Chicago 2013

  • GRIOT Teen Center, Clarksdale, MS


Other Experience


I am a freelance actor and former member of Last Minute Improv. I was a theater major in college and a member of Actors Workshop in Grand Rapids for five years. I have worked with children for many years in a variety of other positions, most recently as a paraprofessional at Congress School in Grand Rapids, and as an Outreach Presenter for the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. 




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